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We've been in the software security industry since the 1980s. Our many years of experience have gone into making our current range of products the most secure yet.

Two-Factor Website Authentication

2FA website login protection oob

SmartSign is a 2-factor authentication system that lets you add secure, simple and effective strong-authentication to websites, web applications and cloud-based apps.

By utilising users' existing mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, SmartSign maximises user-acceptance of strong-authentication while providing you peace of mind knowing that access to your online systems is no longer reliant on weak, easily-hacked passwords.

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Software-based and hardware-based copy protection systems

Dinkey Dongles

Our hardware-based protection system uses USB dongles for ultra secure protection of your software.

Key features:
Hardware-based protection system
Easily integrated into your software
Powerful encryption engine
Competitive prices

Our software-based protection system is the ultimate combination of secure protection and flexible licensing.

Key features:
Software-based protection system
Rapid protection solution
Configurable using online developer tools
Flexible licensing
Intelligent monitoring


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