html2App is a clever piece of software that will compile all of your HTML pages and related Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF documents to produce a single application. This not only enables you to distribute your information in a single file but also protects your HTML source and graphics from being viewed by customers. This means that you can re-use your web pages safe in the knowledge that your source code cannot be copied by others.

If you use this product in addition to any of Microcosm's protection systems, you can protect your work from illegal copying.


Compiles all types of HTML including JavaScript, Flash, VBScript etc... In general, if Internet Explorer can correctly view your HTML pages (when saved to hard disk) then our program can also.
Can display PDF files and Microsoft Office documents.
Protects your HTML source code and graphics from being viewed using strong encryption techniques. Please note that we never copy html or graphics to disk even as temporary files.
Simple and quick to use. It takes a matter of minutes!
Can be protected with any of our protection systems so that you can control the number of working copies of your product.
Ideal for e-books, manuals, catalogues or distributing pages from your website.
You can decide whether to allow the user to print pages or copy & paste text from your compiled application.
You can customise the appearance of your compiled application by selecting your own icon and specifying details in the about box.


In order to run Html2App and compiled applications you will need to be running Microsoft Windows 95, NT4 or higher and have Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher) installed on your machine. If you compile a presentation that includes Microsoft Office files or PDF files then the user will need to have these applications installed on their machines in order for these pages to be viewed correctly.


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