British software development company:

Despite our stupidly short timescale (Thursday decide we want dongle protection, Friday install in factory in Glasgow) everything went perfectly, so thanks, we will be back for more!

British electronics company:

Can I give Microcosm 10/10 for their technical support?

Swiss software developer:

Our customer's system is running again - thanks to your perfect support! Thank you very much! Best regards from Switzerland!

UK typesetting company:

We were very impressed with the programs that come with the software developers kit. Thanks for your help.

American CAD company:

Thank you. If the response I have received from these inquiries is any indication of the level of support I can expect as a customer, I look forward to working with your company.

UK translation software company:

I am impressed!!! and after 35 years in the business, it takes a lot to impress me.....

Swiss software company:

I am glad I came across your company and products, this was exactly what I have been looking for since a long time. I have already implemented your Filemaker plug-in in our routines, really just easy!

French software company:

Your tech support is real good and really responsive. Great.

Brazilian software developer:

I take the chance to praise Microcosm's promptness to answer tech queries. In this aspect, your company is certainly THE benchmark to aim for in the whole industry.

Software Business Manager, USA software company:

As always, thank you for the GREAT SUPPORT !!!!!

Saudi Arabian software developer:

Your dongles are really beyond what I imagined, they are great. Thank you for your technology and instant support. You helped someone who knows very little about protection to powerfully protect his database.

English CAD company:

Thanks for the very swift reply, its very nice to be dealing with a company that takes its customer service so seriously.

British educational software company:

I love Copyminder. Having sold our software to a user, and him using it for a couple of weeks, he pulled the old 'My card was used fraudulently' ploy to get his money back. No problem.. We disabled his product key. He was on the phone this afternoon complaining that the software wasn't working. There was a lovely silence when I told him we'd pulled the plug until he coughed up the dosh. A silence full of guilt, and the revelation that we knew his little game. Nice one Copyminder.


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