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Feitian ePass FIDO2, USB-C Nano Security Key (K28)

Feitian ePass FIDO2, USB-C Nano Security Key (K28)

The Feitian FIDO2 K28 Security Key features a USB-C connection, making it simple to perform secure two-factor and multi-factor authentication on the latest laptops, notebooks and Android smartphones.

FIDO security keys provide the most secure two-factor authentication to protect both employees and individuals identities online. Easily protect online accounts from from threats including phishing scams, hacking and keyloggers.

Key features:

  • 2FA/MFA security key
  • FIDO2 & FIDO U2F certified
  • Protect unlimited accounts
  • USB-C

Full specification here

Quantity Price
1 - 9$25.00
10 - 49$22.50
50 - 99$21.25
100 - 499$20.00
500 - 999$18.75
1000 +$18.12